GeoRSS/MediaRSS information

On the Search Resulta screen, GeoRSS and MediaRSS information is automatically generated according to the data.

About GeoRSS/MediaRSS files

If the data contain the latitude and longitude addresses in four corners of the image, GeoRSS is generated; if the data contain thumbnail images, MediaRSS is generated. When the RSS files are generated, one of the three RSS icons shown below is displayed on the right edge of the menu bar.

  •  : both MediaRSS and GeoRSS are enabled.
  •  : only MediaRSS is enabled.
  •  : only GeoRSS is enabled.

Example using Cooliris

Cooliris is a Firefox add-on that is used for displaying a large amount of image data. Please visit the Cooliris web site for information about the system requirements and the conditions of use.

Cooliris web site

When the data retrieval process is being executed, the Cooliris icon is displayed next to the location bar in the Search Results screen.

After clicking the Cooliris icon, Cooliris is launched in your browser, and the thumbnail images will be displayed in the Cooliris window.

Select one of the thumbnail images and click the “Go to webpage” icon. The screen changes to the detailed information screen for the selected data.