About product search

Q1: The message “no data” is displayed in the list of search results.

A1: First, confirm using KAGUYA_product_list_public(PDF file)that the selected product is currently published on this site. If it is on the list, there two possible causes of this message:

a) The search condition does not match. In this case, select the product only, then try Search Execution again. The search condition can be confirmed in Catalog Details, which you can display by selecting the file name in the list of search results.

b) If a product is not displayed in list of search results after step a), the selected product is not registered. Registration is currently underway. Please wait until it is registered.

Q2: The message “no data” is displayed in the list of search results when multiple products are selected.

A2: The list of search result shows the file lists for the selected products in the pull-down menu. If another product is selected in the pull-down menu, file lists for the product will be displayed.

Q3: I do not understand a search condition for each product.

A3: KAGUYA_product_list_public listed with letter“T(Timeseries)” or “G(Location)” can be searched by “Time Range” or “Observation Range”. As for products labeled “M(Map)”the data can be processed.In addition,some products can be specified an ovservation time by a file name.

Q4: Unable to order HDTV data.

A4: As for HDTV data, only catalog data are available. Images and videos can be viewed from the following links.

KAGUYA Image Gallery
JAXA Video
JAXA Digital Archives